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Department of Social Anthropology


The Department of Social Anthropology is delighted to announce that Professor Sian Lazar is the new Head of Department from 1st October 2021.  


Prof Lazar joined the Department in 2005.  Her research focus is collective politics in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and El Alto, Bolivia.  

Recently she has focussed on labour movement activism in Argentina, taking an ethnographic approach to show how labour politics is embedded in daily life and personal experience. This resulted a book called The Social Life of Politics: Ethics, Kinship and Union Activism in Argentina, published in June 2017 by Stanford University Press. She is currently completing a book titled How we struggle. A Political Anthropology of Labour, which should be published in early 2023 and is a global survey of worker agency in different parts of the economy.

Sian commented, "I am delighted to head this Department at a time when we’ve been able to open up again to our students. This is an exciting moment for us, with new people starting, a completely new postgraduate course, and continued growth in teaching and research. We look forward, with further alumni engagement, to developing the Department for the future enhancement of education in Social Anthropology ".