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Department of Social Anthropology



Grassroots action and networks; autogestión, civil self-management; community self-organisation and care models outside the state; state theory and policy; public debt and expenditure, taxation; bureaucracy; political economy and philosophy; history; liberalism, libertarianism, anarcho-capitalism; Austrian School; School of Salamanca; geopolitics and international relations; conflict and violence; European Union, supranational governance; monetary policy; financial markets; globalisation; labour and labour politics; censorship; epistemology; epistemology and politics/ideology in anthropology; postmodernism and postmodern bias in contemporary anthropology and social sciences; production, publication, and public relevance of academic knowledge in social sciences.

Research Title: Outreaching the State: Grassroots Initiatives of Covid Community Care in a Working-Class Neighbourhood of Madrid
Supervisor: Professor Sian Lazar

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