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Department of Social Anthropology



Jinxin's research focuses on the study of moral competence. On one hand, her research is concerned with how to understand moral competence in the principles of ethics, especially the relationship between free will and moral competence. On the other hand, she investigates how moral competence is actualized in moral practice and education, particularly paying attention to the relationship between being a good person and a good citizen. Jinxin is also embarking on a research project about the relationship between ethical order in the digital age and civic moral competence. This study will focus on how to combine the realities of cultural changes in the digital age, comprehensively revealing the evolutionary logic of the connotations of civic moral competence and constructing a system of civic moral competence. Currently, there is an urgent need to re-examine ethical boundaries according to the logic of digital development, reshape the ethical order, and use the development of digital technology as an opportunity to promote the construction of universal ethics. Jinxin received her PhD from Nanjing Normal University in 2011. Prior to her position at Cambridge, Jinxin worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Fudan University and conducted research on morality, legal rights, and political ethics in China. Jinxin is also an associate professor at the Institute of Ethics at Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics. More broadly, Jinxin's interdisciplinary academic and teaching interests focus on Moral anthropology, moral competence, political ethics, and moral education.

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