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Department of Social Anthropology



Michael Edwards is a Smuts Research Fellow at the Centre of South Asian Studies. An anthropologist interested in questions of religion, media, and democracy, he received his PhD from the LSE in 2019. He’s currently writing a book about the work of translation in encounters between Pentecostalism and Buddhism amidst Myanmar’s fraught political transition. His next project – involving fieldwork in the highlands of Myanmar and in the American heartland – will explore issues of migration, faith, and populism.



Journal articles

Forthcoming, 2022. “Circulating in difference: Performances of publicity on and beyond a Yangon train”, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 28/2. 

Forthcoming, 2022. “Introduction: Towards an anthropology of grace” (with Méadhbh McIvor), Cambridge Journal of Anthropology 40/1.   

2021. “Drowning in context: Translating salvation in Myanmar”, Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East 41/2.  

2021. “People are obsessed with religion: The definitional dissonance of evangelical encounters in Myanmar”, Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 52/1. 


Book chapters

Forthcoming, 2022. “Foreword thinking: Reading Graeber, Leach, and a revolution in Myanmar”, Essays on Anthropology as Possibility, Holly High and Joshua Reno (eds).

Forthcoming, 2022. “An equivocal position: Anthropology, Evans-Pritchard, and the spirit of translation”, The Routledge Handbook of Translation and Religion, Hephzibah Israel (ed).


Online publications

2020.  “Maps to another nation”, The Christian Nation Project. [Republished at Tea Circle: New Perspectives on Burma/Myanmar].

2019. “Circulating publicness and public circulation”, The Immanent Frame: Secularism, Religion, and the Public Sphere. 



Smuts Research Fellow, Centre of South Asian Studies

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