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My research focuses on environmental conservation efforts upon a remote island in Australia. My research is conducted alongside community members, island management, environmental scientists, and tourists and seeks to understand how environmental conservation on the island is negotiated and understood. A particular focus of my research is on the issue of marine plastic as it is seen on the island through environmental scientists’ ongoing research into the death and decline of the island’s population of migratory seabirds because of the ingestion of marine plastic. I seek to understand how plastics’ oceanic ‘afterlife’ might be understood in relation to the political economies and political ecologies of global plastic consumption. I also hope to investigate how scientists’ experiences of researching, bearing witness to, and scientifically documenting environmental changes may result in emotional responses described as ‘environmental grief’ and how, in turn, these emotional responses influence the lives and work of the scientists and communities with whom they work.

My research also seeks to engage critically with the emergent literature in anthropology on multi-species and more-than-human relations. I seek to engage in archival work to situate the contemporary conservation issues on the island against the relevant historical backgrounds to inquire into the historical multi-species relations that have shaped and continue to shape the environment of the island as well as the community’s relations to the island. I seek to consider the theoretical, analytical, and methodological possibilities of multi-species and more-than-human anthropology with a particular attention to questions about the role historical analysis takes in such approaches. 

Prior to beginning my PhD at Cambridge, I received a Bachelor of Arts in Social Anthropology and History with Honours in Social Anthropology from the University of Sydney (First Class & The University Medal, 2019). In 2020-2021, I completed the Masters of Research in Social Anthropology at Cambridge with Distinction.


Environmental anthropology, more-than-human relations, marine anthropology, political ecology, historical ethnography, anthropology of science, social media, morality, gender.

Research Title: Sentinels of the “Plastiocene” - Seabirds, Scientists, Citizens, and the Marine Afterlives of Plastic
Supervisor: Dr Perveez Mody

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