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Dr Perveez Mody

Dr Perveez Mody


Fellow, King's College

Office hours: Tuesday 10-11am

Perveez Mody is accepting applications for PhD students.

Research Interests

South Asia; marriage, kinship, urban sexuality; theories of caste and community; human rights.

I have conducted ethnographic fieldwork in Delhi, and specifically in a District court, where I looked at the legal and informal processes whereby couples legitimate their love through marriage. I am interested in anthropological theories about the constitution of castes and “communities” in India, the history of civil marriage law from the colonial into the post-colonial period, the politics of religious nationalism, changes in South Asian kinship, marriage and urban sexuality (sexual relations, conjugality, gender and the family), law and human rights and the ways in which the modern state transforms and bears witness to intimate relations such as those expressed in a love-marriage. My current work concerns an ethnography of South Asian marriage and kinship amongst two ethno-religious groups in East London.

I am on the Managing Committee of the Cambridge Socio-Legal Group; and have two ongoing projects on marriage (rites and rights) and on conceptualising care.

Research Supervision

Gabriele Ollino

Key Publications


2015 Marriage Rites and Rights, Joanna Miles, Perveez Mody & Rebecca Probert.  Oxford: Hart.

2008 The Intimate State: Love-Marriage and the Law in Delhi, Routledge: Delhi and UK. In the Routledge Series “Critical Asian Studies,” Edited by Prof. Veena Das.

Articles and Book Chapters

2015 “Forced Marriage: Rites and Rights” in Marriage Rites and Rights, Miles, J. Mody, P. & Probert, R. Oxford: Hart.

2015. “Introduction” (Probert, R., Miles, J., and Mody, P.) in Marriage Rites and Rights.  Oxford: Hart.

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2013: “Marriages of Convenience and Capitulation: South Asian Marriage, Family and Intimacy in the Diaspora” in Chatterji & Washbrook (eds) Routledge Handbook of the South Asian Diaspora, London: Routledge, pp. 374-387.

2011 “The anthropological fixation with reciprocity leaves no room for love: 2009 meeting of the Group for Debates in Anthropological Theory” in Venkatesan, S., Jeanette Edwards, Rane Willerslev, Elizabeth Povinelli, and Perveez Mody, Critique of Anthropology September 2011 31: 210-250.

2006 “Kidnapping, Elopement and Abduction: an ethnography of love-marriage in Delhi,” in Orsini, F. (ed.), Love in South Asia: A Cultural History, pp. 331-334, Cambridge University Press: Cambridge.

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Sexy Publics”, India Today 21.11.’08. Guest essay in India Today, for their 2008 cover story on a survey of sexuality in urban India (“Sexy Secrets” issue), covering 11 Indian cities.

US National Public Radio show “On Point”, produced by WBUR in Boston.  (August 5, 2008) to discuss love and marriage in India.