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Department of Social Anthropology



I am an ESRC-sponsored pre-field PhD candidate in social anthropology. I read for my undergraduate degree at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, and Masters at the University of Oxford, England, both in social anthropology. My doctoral research is focused on hill farming in the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District in England. Specifically, my research explores the relationship between farmers, their livestock and land and the impact of environmentalist intervention and associated policies on that relationship.


Ethics and Morality, The Anthropology of the Good, More-Than-Human Anthropology, An Ecology of Life, Human-Animal Relations, The Anthropology of Britain, The Yorkshire Dales, The Lake District, Hill Farming, Pastoralism, Solitude and Silence, The Anthropology of the Landscape, Conservation and Anthropology, The Anthropology of Christianity, Methodism, History and Anthropology

Research Title: Men out standing in their field: An ethnography of the flock and the fell in the English Dales and Lakes
Supervisor: Professor James Laidlaw
 Alex  Archer (2018)

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