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Samuel Victor (2018)

Samuel Victor (2018)

Research Title: "Truth or Love?": Orthodoxy, Pluralism and the Ethics of Relationships at a church in Tennessee

Supervisor: Professor Joel Robbins


Broadly speaking, my research explores the ways in which people understand the moral dimensions of social relations in pluralist societies. My current ethnographic work at a predominantly white evangelical church in Tennessee examines the relational techniques of Christian personhood and group association, the communication of values, and pro-diversity discourses and activism. Adjacent and intersecting interests emerging from the field include the relationship between pluralism and secularism (political paradigms and moral discourses), Christian higher education, and orthodoxy in the midst social change.

Originally from the United States but now settled in Montréal, Québec, I did my undergraduate studies in French language and linguistics at Concordia University in Montréal. I developed an interest in social sciences through a series of internships at research institutes and community organisations focusing on immigration and intercultural relations. I then returned to university to pursue a MSc in Anthropology (ethnologie) from the Université de Montréal where I was a member of the Laboratoire de recherche en relations interculturelles (LABRRI). I have worked on a number of research projects doing ethnographic fieldwork and qualitative data analysis. These include research into the religious conversion pathways to Islam of youths in Montréal and studies examining different perspectives on community organizing in multicultural contexts and diversity advocacy in public institutions.

In my Masters research and thesis, which laid the groundwork for my current project, I examined grassroots social engagement between evangelical Christians and Muslims in Tennessee.

My research is supported by the Woolf Institute Cambridge, where I am an affiliated PhD student.

Research Interests

The anthropology of religion; anthropology of ethics and morality; pluralism (political paradigms and moral discourses); secular and religious intellectualism; interreligious relations; intercultural communication; immigration; American Christianity.

Key Publications

Victor, S. (2020). Les évangéliques peuvent-ils être pluralistes ? Les dimensions morales de la "convivialité" à Nashville. Diversité urbaine. 20-1.