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Department of Social Anthropology



My doctoral research explores the relationship between money and sociality in the context of state decentralization. It focuses on the experience of neighbourhood dwellers in urban Java, Indonesia. State devolution in Indonesia since 1998 offers an analytical point of departure in order to study the ways in which different value systems reproduce and shape a neighbourhood “community”. Much of my research, thus, will centre around mundane economic practices and the various moral projects enacted by navigating the political economy of Javanese neighbourhoods.

Prior to joining the Anthropology Department at the University of Cambridge, I completed the MSc in Social Anthropology at LSE (2018). My undergraduate studies were in Anthropology and Law at LMU in Munich (BA, 2016) where I also worked as a research and teaching assistant.


Anthropology of money, value and exchange, anthropology of the state, legal anthropology, Indonesia and Java, Anthropocene and human/non-human relations

Research Title: Money, The State and Value in Javanese Neighborhood Communities
Supervisor: Dr Stasch
 Tim  Pöhlmann (2018)

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