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Dr Andrea Mariko Grant

Dr Andrea Mariko Grant


Fellow, Churchill College (on maternity leave)

Office hours: Friday 3-4pm


My work focuses on media, religion, and post-conflict politics in East Africa. My PhD research explored the rise of the new Pentecostal churches in Rwanda after the 1994 genocide, and the reconstruction of the local media industry. I was interested in how young urban Rwandans remake their lives in the aftermath of genocide and in an authoritarian political context. I am currently transforming this research into a monograph. My most recent project is concerned with music, memory, and the making of archives in contemporary Rwanda.

Research Interests

East Africa; religion; media; popular culture; sound and music; gender; post-conflict reconstruction; memory and archives; fieldwork methodology



SAN6 - Power, Economy & Social Transformation

SAN4a - Ethnographic Area Paper: Africa

SAN13 - Gender, Kinship and Care

Key Publications

Journal articles

2019. ‘Bringing The Daily Mail to Africa: Entertainment Websites and the Creation of a Digital Youth Public in Post-Genocide Rwanda’, Journal of Eastern African Studies 13(1): 106-123.
2018. ‘Noise and Silence in Rwanda’s Post-Genocide Religious Soundscape’, Journal of Religion in Africa 48: 35-64.
2018. ‘Ecumenism in Question: Rwanda’s Contentious Post-Genocide Religious Landscape’, Journal of Southern African Studies 44(2): 221-238.

2017.  ‘The Making of a “Superstar”: The Politics of Playback and Live Performance in Post- Genocide Rwanda’, Africa: The Journal of the International African Institute 87(1): 155-179.

2015.  ‘Quiet Insecurity and Quiet Agency in Post-Genocide Rwanda’, Etnofoor 27(2): 15- 36.

2015. with Imogen Clark. ‘Sexuality and Danger in the Field: Starting an Uncomfortable Conversation’, Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford 2(1): 1-14.

2014.  ‘“Bye-bye Nyakatsi”: Life through Song in Post-Genocide Rwanda’, Moving Worlds 14(1): 105-118.

Edited Journal Issues 

2015. co-edited with I. Clark. Special Issue on Sexual Harassment in the Field. Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford 2(1). 

Book reviews

2019. C. Gilbert (2018). ‘From Surviving to Living: Voice, Trauma and Witness in Rwandan Women’s Writing’, African Affairs 118(471): 410-411.

2009. A. Hinton and K. O’Neill, eds (2009). ‘Genocide: Truth, Memory, and Representation’, Cambridge Anthropology 29(3): 100-103.