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Department of Social Anthropology



My research examines the mutual production of emotion, politics and emerging media technologies, with geographic concentrations on Japan and the UK. Currently I am investigating practices of emotion modeling in the development of affect-sensitive software, social robots and artificial emotional intelligence. Through an ongoing project called Model Emotion, I work across disciplines with anthropologists, psychologists, computer scientists and robotics engineers to trace how theoretical models of emotion are built into machines with the capacity to evoke, read or even in a philosophical sense have emotion in ways that foster care and wellbeing. Comparing how this process unfolds differently in places like Japan and the UK, I explore how designing robots with emotional intelligence is shifting research agendas within the psychological science of emotion, as well as transforming people’s capacities to relate affectively with emerging forms of artificial life.

I am theoretically driven by the question of how people working with technologies of language, art, engineering and design leverage knowledge of emotion to various political, ethical and aesthetic ends. I have explored this theme through previous projects on the soft power of Japanese popular culture, the ethics of melodrama in Japanese public broadcasting, and the aesthetics of melancholy in the literature of Murakami Haruki. In each of these projects I test different methods for conducting qualitative research on affect, feeling and sensation in order to cultivate a sensitivity to emotion that contributes to anthropology as an evolving discipline, as well as to public understandings of difference across cultural and epistemological divides. This approach to research also informs my pedagogical philosophy in the variety of courses I have taught in anthropology, cultural studies, social theory and ethnographic research design.


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Dr Daniel  White

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