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Elizabeth Ann Walsh (2016)

Elizabeth Ann Walsh (2016)

Research Title: 'Like Ice Floes': Iñupiaq Sovereignty and Settler Migration on Alaska's North Slope

Supervisor: Dr Anita Herle


I grew up on a small farm in northern New Jersey, where I helped take care of my family’s menagerie of chickens, goats, and horses.  I completed a BA in Anthropology at Columbia University in 2014 and went on to do an MPhil at Cambridge University, which I completed in 2016.  My Master’s research examined relationships between ethnographic museums and Indigenous source communities, focusing specifically on critiques of digital and non-material repatriation and disparities in interpretational authority. 

 My PhD fieldwork, completed over 18 months in the Alaskan Arctic, has led me to broaden my focus to other cultural institutions while interrogating the integration of non-Native settlers into geographically-isolated Native communities.  With a specific interest in how Indigenous sovereignty is recognised and exercised within the politically-charged Arctic, my work considers the competing interests of multi-national corporations, settler nation-states, and local Indigenous peoples in determining the future of economic and social development in the North.