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Farhan Samanani (2013)

Farhan Samanani (2013)

Research Title: Tangled visions of community in 21st century London.

Supervisor: Dr Sian Lazar

Research Interests

Life in the global city seems to be getting increasingly diverse, fast paced and individualised. The proliferation of ways of living and of connecting in cities like London has led many theorists to claim that society is becoming increasingly fragmented. But despite this, ideas of community still seem to play a key role in the western social imagination. Focusing closely on everyday life, my research unpacks what exactly people might be driving at, when they invoke community in contexts that may appear hype-diverse, highly-divided, and ever changing. I take seriously people's insistence that community is still a valuable idea to look at the psychological roots of such ideas, and the forms of value they continue to generate.

Interests: Urban anthropology; diversity and migration; imagined community; publics; value.