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Jonathan Woolley (2013)

Jonathan Woolley (2013)

Research Title: Rede of Reeds: Land and Labour in Rural Norfolk

Supervisor: Dr David Sneath

Subject groups/Research projects

Pathways Project:

Research Interests

Europe; Land Management and the Environment; Eco-Activism; Political Economy; Paganism and Neo-Druidry; The Anthropology of Experience; Materiality.

My PhD research focuses upon the interchange between land and labour in East Anglia; how working in a particular landscape shapes both the people and the places concerned. I'm also conducting a subsidiary research project on the role of sustainability discourses in the grassroots campaign against shale gas extraction in the United Kingdom.

From August 2014 - August 2015, I'll be doing fieldwork in the Broadland region of Norfolk working with land management professionals, with a view to understanding how their experience of the land shapes their attitude towards environmental issues more broadly.