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Where Rising Powers Meet: China and Russia at their North Asian Border

This project was funded by the ESRC (from 2012 to early 2016, grant ref: ES/JO12335/1) and by a supplementary grant the Isaac Newton Trust from March 2015 to February 2017.  

The aim of the project was to investigate the social, economic and political conditions on each side of the Russia-China border and the relations across it.   The main question we asked was: what can the conditions at peripheries and borders say about the character of these two great post-imperial states and their interaction today?  

The project employed two postdocs (Franck Billé and Sayana Namsaraeva) and some 18 internationally-based researchers who conducted shorter studies at various places along the border.  It has resulted in many publications, journal articles, conference presentations, seminars, etc. and the creation of a website and data-base.  

The most notable publications, several of which are edited collections containing the work of the members of the project, are:
Caroline Humphrey & Sayana Namsaraeva (eds.) Special Issue of Inner Asia (2014, vol 16 no 1) on North Asian border history;
Caroline Humphrey (ed.) Special Issue of History and Anthropology (2017, vol 28 no 4) on Loyalty and Disloyalty Along the Russia-China Border;
Sören Urbansky (2017) Beyond the Steppe Hill: the Making of the Sino-Russian Border, Princeton University Press;  
Franck Billé (ed.) Special Issue of Cross-Currents E-Journal, 2016, no 21 entitled ‘Cartographic Anxieties’;  
Caroline Humphrey (ed., in press) Trust and Mistrust in Economic Relations Between China and Russia, Amsterdam University Press;  
Hyun-Gwi Park (2017) The Displacement of Borders among Russian Koreans in Northeast Asia, Amsterdam University Press.
Franck Billé and Caroline Humphrey are co-authors of a book for the general public On the Russia-China Border contracted to Harvard University Press and currently in preparation for publication in 2018. 

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