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Tracy has been conducting long-term research in the globalisation and localisation of contemporary Fo Guang Shan (FGS 佛光山) Humanistic Buddhist movement. After the participant observation and interaction with FGS branches in Taiwan, London, Australia, France, mainland PRC and Hong Kong since 2014, her current research focuses on how FGS Humanistic Buddhism is localised in the Catholic Philippines through moral education, charity, performing art and cultivation (xiuxing, 修行). This interdisciplinary project extends the theoretical framework of “ethics across borders”, reshapes the notion of conversion, explores the notion of self-transformation, and forms a comprehensive ethics system which can promote the dialogue between social anthropology and Humanistic Buddhist studies.

Tracy received her MA in Buddhist Studies with Distinction from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and MSc in Social Anthropology with Distinction from London School of Economic. She also holds a BA in English Literature with Outstanding Graduate from Minzu University of China.


The Anthropology of Ethics, transnational Buddhist movement, cross-religious dialogue, the study of Humanistic Buddhism.

Research Title: Beyond Ethical Borders, Achieving Self-transformation: Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Movement in Catholic Philippines.
Supervisor: Professor James Laidlaw
 Xinying (Tracy)  Liu (2019)

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