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Yuki Hisada (2015)

Yuki Hisada (2015)

Research Title: Learning from Silence: Ethics and Body Donation in Taiwanese Buddhism

Supervisor: Prof James Laidlaw

Research Interests

East and Southeast Asia (specifically Taiwan), Buddhism, ethics, morality, value, death, funeral, volunteering, welfare, body (corpse) donation, organ donation, Buddhist meditation, mindfulness.

My doctoral research centres on a study of the practice of body (corpse) donation, in which a donor is called a silent mentor, among Buddhists in Taiwan (specifically among a Buddhist group called Tzu Chi). By observing this practice along with other medical services such as medical volunteering, my study investigates a set of inter-related ethical purposes, practices and circumstances among Buddhist practitioners, and scrutinizes how those who are engaged with the donation cultivate their own ethical selves and influence local ideas of death, funeral, ethics and morality.