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Zuzanna Marciniak Nuqui (2015)

Zuzanna Marciniak Nuqui (2015)

Research Title: "Good Migration": Navigating Catholic and State Visions for Migrants in Singapore

Supervisor: Prof Susan Bayly


My doctoral project focuses on the relationship between notions of care held by foreign domestic workers in Singapore and Catholic understandings and practices of care for those same foreign women. My research considers the specificity of a Catholic charity in Singapore in its work of caring for carers through an engagement with how its operation is influenced not only by the Singapore state and its values, but by distinct Singaporean and Filipino Catholic conceptions of what it means to be human and how to care for them. Based on 15 months of ethnographic fieldwork between July 2016 and December 2017, I explore 
the work of the charity in relation to the values of its largely middle-class, Chinese Singaporean staff members and its Filipino, 
Indonesian and Indian volunteers, most of whom are full time domestic workers themselves.
My interest in Singapore comes from having worked there as a qualitative researcher focusing on the experiences of medical students learning to navigate the Singapore medical and care world during their first hospital placements. In 2014, prior to my work in Singapore, I completed my MA in Social Anthropology at the University of Chicago where my master’s thesis focused on the social life of the Polish Museum of America and the people involved in its operation. My interest in Polish migration was a continuation of my BA dissertation project, completed at 
the University of Manchester in 2013, which explored the shape and role 
of history in the lives of Polish migrants in Manchester.

Research Interests

Notions and practices of care; female migration; global migration; Catholicism; Christianity; NGOs; non-activist political engagement; illiberal democracy; the state.